The Fearless Blogger is Regenerating


I recently discovered that what had been here before was here no more.

I’m not sure who/what/where/why – but all files related to (as well as my c-panel user account) are now missing. (If you see them, please tell them to come home soon – tell them I’m not angry, it’s just that I’ve been so worried about them and I’m relieved they are ok.)

Fingers crossed, I should be able to restore my previous posts (eventually).

I’d be lying if I said trying to get everything sorted out hasn’t been frustrating (and since I don’t lie: it’s been fucking frustrating!). Still, my blog’s been neglected for quite some time (honestly, I only discovered it went missing last week, for all I know it’s been down for a couple of months by now) and the back-end stuff was a bit messy (I didn’t really get the whole CSS styles thing when I first started out, and my theme& plugins needed some updating).

Sometimes we need to break things apart in order to rebuild them.

The Fearless Blogger is regenerating.  

2 thoughts on “Regenerating

  1. Wendy


    My name is Wendy and I’m inquiring about your other blog domain, Enjoy Today.
    I noticed you haven’t posted in a year on that blog and am curious if you would be willing to release the domain name so I can use it for a new blog I was hoping to start up.
    Thanks for letting me inquire!


    [Note: Edited to remove last name for privacy purposes -faryl]

    1. faryl Post author

      Hi Wendy!

      I’m glad you like my domain name (I do too!), clearly you have good taste. :-)

      Despite its recent neglect, has personal meaning to me and I have future plans for it, so it’s not for sale.

      I wish you the best with your new blog and would love to hear more about it – I hope you’ll keep me posted once it’s ready!


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